About One Step In


We are preservationists advocating an understanding for the oil and gas industry to eradicate waste. As pioneers in this endeavor the objective is to secure the worlds environment and natural resources for future generations. Our experience in the oil and gas industry provides us the foundation to build viable solutions while serving the world’s energy needs. We depend on the generosity of like minded people to support our work. 

One Step In’s Board

Robert Rhodes — President
Kellie Wilbanks — Secretary
Joshua Richardson — Treasurer

‘Take One Step In’

At national conferences on energy and environmental topics, people make different assumptions about me based on how I am dressed.

In my suit, I am a fiscally conservative energy executive.

In my mountain biking gear, I am a tree-hugging organic juice bar owner.

They are both right and both wrong, but I can always find common ground on important issues with anyone willing to have a conversation.

Over my 30 years in the energy industry, I have learned that taking “one step in” from the polar ends of politics can help people achieve understanding, unlock opportunities and find solutions.

So join me in taking OneStepIn — a nonprofit that promotes common ground between energy and environmental innovators — around the world.

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Together we can make a difference.One Step in logo

Wiley Rhodes
Founder, One Step In Foundation